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Hello!  I'm Joanne, but most know me by "Jo" !   I'm a Prop & Wardrobe Stylist currently living and working in Seattle, WA.

for the past 8 years i have been styling & working in the northwest.  before that, I lived in las vegas and worked as a make-up artist, which naturally led me into my career as a stylist.   ever since i can remember, i would cut up images out of magazines and arrange them in a way that was pleasant to my eye.  i'm obsessed with creating & image-making.  i love taking on big challenges and seeing those results come alive after all the hard work put into tracking down the best prop or the best pair of shoes just so we can have an image that says it all.

"her background and studies in Fine Art and Make-Up Artistry have given her a true artistic perspective that has led her to pursue her styling passion furthermore.  Throughout her career, Joanne has held positions in the editorial department of corporate fashion e-commerce as well as excelling in the freelance world.  a great appreciation for photography, fashion, travel, and design, Jo has been fortunate to explore different avenues in styling, which has led her to collaborate with others on a variety of projects".